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Elance is a global online employment platform. Clients can hire independent freelance professionals and use online collaboration tools to manage remote teams and projects. Independent contractors create online profiles and portfolios, submit proposals for jobs, and collaborate and receive payment through the Elance website.


  • PROs for Translators :
    • Payments guaranteed in both fixed-price and hourly jobs if elance escrow is used
    • 7/24 Online and powerful help-desk support
    • Immediate request of withdrawal of the money in the balance
    • No commission or withdrawal fee
    • Free mediation service in dispute cases
    • Directly wired transfers into bank accounts via IBAN – internationally!
    • Job applications can be edited unlimited times


  • CONs :
    • Too low monthly quota ( only 15 applications ! )
    • Weak support, late response, too limited help
    • Too strict rules for account suspension and termination
    • 2-3 days delayed manual payment after requesting
    • No free mediation service
    • Delayed PayPal integration
    • Payments are not guaranteed in fixed-price jobs
    • 1 week delay in payments of hourly jobs
    • Feedbacks cannot be changed!
    • Contractors cannot leave clients/employers feedback rating
    • Management being mostly in employers’ side
    • Cancelling jobs decreases Contractor Levels


Communication :

Elance Help Desk Support is slow and weak. The staff is either not helpful or too insufficient to make something work properly. Messaging filtered and closely monitored. Profiles are regularly checked They can suspend your account on a false basis anytime and they are very strict in applying their rules which are not even subject to defending by the contractor nor negotiation. Briefly, communication is very weak



Elance has a fast-operating payment system. Money earned from a job done and approved by tge client can be in your Paypal account in 2 or 3 days maximum. Hourly jobs are still too late to pay by the “auto-pay” which can often fail.  Paypal charging does not work.


Quality of the Jobs :

Elance is a combination of “elegant” and “excellence” in quality of jobs. The clients / employers who prefer Elance are gentle, kind and mostly very positive. Elance has a suave way of calling and collecting nice clients to work with. The jobs are rare but good.  We should mention that there are mostly US-based clients who are looking for US-based contractors.


Membership Levels / Contractor Ranking :

Elance has a good, powerful and undocumented Contractor Level Feature. It is reliable, understandable and really reflects the real life levels to the work delivered on Elance.


Profile Information :

Elance has a powerful profile information page and almost like CV view. Lengthy service description and other long fields are supported, ranking system works properly. Search system is working properly and is widely used by the employers / clients positively.


Translator’s Personal Suggestion :

Though it has some major disadvantages and the work there is low in quantity compared to the other sites, Elance must be one of your favorites to visit and check out daily. Despite this, no translator should be depending on his/her Elance profile much because it can be suspended because of a false accusation by Elance team, and you will lose money and time and get very disappointed about it. So Elance is not good to use as the only website to work with, it should be one of 4-5 websites to work at.


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  1. Jeff Chenu says:

    This is a fair review, but I can say that Elance has gotten much better in the last 3 months. I am getting job invites every day now and the monthly quota for free members is now 40.

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