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Founded in 2004 by Magnus Tibell in Sweden, is a “roll up” of several outsourcing marketplaces including and, LimeExchange, (England) , (Canada) – One of the early pioneers in freelancing, Booking Center (Germany), (USA), a forum for webmasters.


  • PROs for Translators :
    • Payments guaranteed in both fixed-price and hourly jobs if Deposit is used
    • Immediate balance after payment by the client
    • Job applications can be edited unlimited times
    • Multiple membership options to offer contractors
    • Fast money withdrawal for paid memberships
    • Free portfolio for contractors


  • CONs :
    • 30 dollar limit to withdraw money. Below that, you cannot withdraw your own money !
    • %2 Fee taken at almost every withdrawal method including Paypal, wire transfer
    • New and weak hourly working system
    • No time-tracking solution to use at hourly jobs!
    • A few days waiting for transferring to PayPal / Moneymakers
    • Too low job application quota ( 10 applications per month )
    • Weak support, late response, too limited help
    • Weak mediation service in dispute cases
    • Punishing contractor for cancelled jobs, by getting them pay for the commission fee or disabling their account.
    • 2-3 days delayed manual payment after requesting
    • Being obliged to manage and request deposits from clients
    • Being obliged to form and issue invoices to send clients
    • Payments are not guaranteed unless deposit is used.
    • Management being mostly in their own side – neither in clients nor in contractors side.


Communication : communication is weak. They don’t always have 7×24 help desk support, and the outsourced external support is not integrated to the The staff helpful in many major subjects, not decision makers, mostly informative people. They do not do something for cancelled jobs when the translator has to pay the commission ( of the bidding price ) anyway for all cases.


Payment: has a below-average-operating payment system. Money earned from a job done and approved by the client can be in your Paypal account in 2 or 3 days in average. The first money from the first job comes in 15 days time! While other sites manage invoice issuing automatically or manually themselves, here you have to prepare and issue your own invoices to give clients for them to make a payment. This is an extra work for a contractor and a burden to deal with.


Quality of the Jobs :

Probably because of its name,, the very first meaning of the job done as freelance by freelance contractors — “freelancers”, mostly attract to this site. Newbies, amateurs, rookies, students, inexperienced freelancers, cheap workers, far-eastern workers looking like European and western contractors are all here, and they are very harshly competing with one another, being able to see the others cover letters and bidding prices, lowering the average prices (and quality of work) down and down day by day – at the It’s so hard to determine and keep the quality standard of your own because the clients/employers have already got used to the cheapest prices and suspicious quality here. So the worst quality is unfortunately here.


Membership Levels / Contractor Ranking : has a complex and unclear Rewards Bar and a Contractor Level Feature. It changes dynamically with every action like getting invited to jobs, getting feedbacks, getting milestones done etc. However, this mechanism is not under control and highly complex. This is not a reliable and dependable feature for clients/employers and contractors.


Profile Information : has an intermediate level Profile management with limited and bought skills / talents and complex profile management. Profiles are not user friendly for both contractors and clients/employers.


Translator’s Personal Suggestion :

Although this site has many jobs and many clients, it is full of negative and low feedback giving employers with bad-faith, cheap labor abusing clients. Qualified, certified and educated translators should beware from this website.


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  1. Automatic fee taking even from a suspended account, taking fee for project which never paid the worker, game like so called experience level to actually induce people to by membership package to avail the advertised benefits, banning account with money…there are numerous problems. The site’s objective is already summarized in your writing: Management being mostly in their own side – neither in clients nor in contractors side.

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