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Ifreelance is an internet job site where buyers can post projects and freelancers can bid on them. The program brings buyers and freelancers together in one area, making it easier for everyone to search for what they need. The jobs that are posted for freelancers are things such as website developing, graphic arts, writing, editing and software and script programming.

It can often be difficult for people to outsource some of their internet marketing and website projects, just as it can be difficult for freelancers to find jobs.

Ifreelance makes the process easier for everyone by bringing them together in one central place. People who have projects that need to be done can post them, and freelancers who have the skills to do the projects can bid on them.

At iFreelance, people who are looking for freelancers to do projects for them are called “buyers”. Buyers can sign up with the service for free and begin posting projects immediately. They have two options available to them when posting projects. They can post for all freelancers to see and wait for bids to come in before they decide on who to use, or they can search through the list of freelance members choose one to invite directly to do their project. Often buyers start out taking bids, then start doing invites once they get to know some freelancers and their work.

Freelancers can sign up with iFreelance and begin bidding on projects right away. There are no basic skill requirements put in place by the service, but freelancers do need to fill out a profile listing their skills and experience. Freelancers pay a membership fee to belong to the service. There is basic membership for $4.69 per month, silver for $6.95 per month and gold for $9 per month. The higher the membership, the more benefits you get within the service. Gold members’ bids are placed above silver member bids, silver above basic. Unlike many other of these types of services, iFreelance does not charge freelancers a commission when they’re paid by buyers.

Ifreelance has received good feedback from both buyers and freelancers. There are some complaints by freelancers about not being able to see other bids, which can make pricing difficult. Other than that, freelancers say that they’re satisfied with the jobs they get from the service and the relationships that they can build with buyers. Buyers appreciate being able to find freelancers for their projects, especially those with whom they can build lasting working relationships.


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