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PeoplePerHour is a purpose-driven business founded in 2003 by British entrepreneurs.

  • PROs for Translators :
    • Payments guaranteed in both fixed-price and hourly jobs if Deposit is used
    • Job applications can be edited unlimited times
    • Multiple membership options to offer contractors
    • Fast money withdrawal for paid memberships
    • Free portfolio for contractors


  • CONs :
    • The biggest overall fee taken among all major websites.
    • At least 2-3 days delay to receive amount into the balance after payment by the client
    • %2 Fee taken at almost every withdrawal method including Paypal, wire transfer
    • Bad exchange rates when converting currencies, allowing them extra profit.
    • New and weak hourly working system
    • No time-tracking solution to use at hourly jobs!
    • A few days waiting for transferring to PayPal / Moneymakers
    • Too low job application quota ( 10 applications per month )
    • Weak support, late response, too limited help
    • Weak mediation service in dispute cases
    • Punishing contractor for cancelled jobs, by getting them pay for the commission fee or disabling their account.
    • 2-3 days delayed manual payment after requesting
    • Being obliged to manage and request deposits from clients
    • Being obliged to form and issue invoices to send clients
    • Payments are not guaranteed unless deposit is used.
    • Management being mostly in their own side – neither in clients nor in contractors side.


Communication : has a bad communication standard. The website has no 7/24 working helpdesk support staff and the messages are answered within 2 business days. The staff here seems to be helpful and friendly but just for informative purposes. They do not take initiatives to help and find a solution. The system is hard and solid and there is no flexibility at all.


Payment: has a bad payment system. The website take commission from the jobs immediately and they will also charge a withdrawal fee. Also they use a very bad currency exchange fee to get extra profit. For example, one job of £20, can get you £16.68, making 16.67% overall commission. Net commission from the price is %18.3


Quality of the Jobs :

Jobs at can vary. However, we can say that they are generally British and low-price jobs, urgent jobs, administrative jobs. The clients here see you like a “secretary” which is not good for a translator contractor.


Membership Levels / Contractor Ranking : has a weak membership level or a contractor ranking feature that is usable by translators/contractors and clients/employers. It is a pie with a ratio in different color, looking like a progress status. It is not clear how this is calculated or how usable this would be. There are very limited kinds of messages given next to this pie-chart image.


Profile Information : has a very weak profile information support. It only supports an “about me” section, skills as tags format, and a portfolio section. Other than this there are callout message as to use as motto or status. Other than that, education, certificates, working experience, exams, etc do not exist in this profile of PPH.


Translator’s Personal Suggestion : is definitely for sure not as powerful and global as oDesk, not as elite and idealist as Elance, not as full as This would be the 4th of all top 4 sites that I work at. It has no tool as software for keeping track of the work done as the “hourlies”. Although the small and useful interface shines bright among others, when it comes to financial information it is definitely the WORST of all with the highest commission despite worst equipment on the market. 


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